here’s a bit of what I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks- a redesign of Moulin Rouge!

I wanted to base it on the ottoman harem, more to come soon :)

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roughing out different outfit ideas and slightly different head/body shapes for Astrid!
i have to turn her into an adventurer for an assignment so making her look more scavengery and stuff is becoming a bit of a challenge for me haha 

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Mineral Monsters

Decided to toss them all into a photoset for convenience. It was a fun week!

Sources: Mineralists, Friends of Minerals Forum, Wikipedia Creative Commons, You Flaming Brute

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Concepting characters for a possible project. Idea sparked from this doodle, I’ve had it for a while but I finally started to do something about it.

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Early Samurai Champloo concept sketches of Mugen, Jin, FUU and random characters buy the incomparable KAZUTO NAKAZAWA ( Character Designer/animation supervisor). Joy. 

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first vis dev project of the semester done!!

we had to design an environment and character based on the original legend of El Dorado which was based on the initiation ceremony one of the rulers of the Muisca people called the Zipa. the Zipa would be painted in gold dust and dive into lake Guatavita [near present-day Bogota, Colombia], and then toss gold into the lake as an offering to their gods. one of the stories about the Zipa involved a serpent god of the lake and i took it and ran.

basically my Zipa is a bad guy who wants to make a deal with the serpent god for power in exchange for gold [i’m thinking my serpent is kinda like Smaug lol]. the fine print is that the Zipa is basically possessed by the god and turns into a monster. yay!

this was a super fun experience tho just because we had so much /freedom/ in terms of style and story and seeing this all compiled together is really neat to see how far the designs had come from their initial ideations, especially with the character. so much work for one character i never gave a name to haha.

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To create new model sheets for each of the characters in “Get A Horse!,” Disney Animation hand-drawn artist Eric Goldberg studied early Mickey films.

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Oh my god those character designs in the first part

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Concept designs of Cécile the adventurous club goer and Francis the stalwart bouncer. Original characters of mine I’ve been brewing for a possible side project. I may post additional work on a later date.

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Sharks from Shark Week 2011. From first to last: Hammerhead Shark, Great White Shark, Pacific Sharpnose Shark, Pelagic Thresher Shark, Longnose Sawshark, Bamboo Shark, & Velvet Belly Shark.

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Working on some raymaids…? These are huge and it’s taking me forever to fill in… -_-

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Created a little king, his uptight magician and towering bard based off of some simple marker shapes.

Hope everyone had a good holiday.

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Some charr I did awhile back that I still enjoy!

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