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Commission for a EU WoW guild called Badgers on a Zeppelin

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jamminlucario: Seeing as you have a degree in design, would you mind sharing some tips on how to make a memorable/"good" character?

Ahh I’m pretty poor at articulating myself on the subject since I feel a lot of it is intuition! But I’ll try to give a few points:

  • Develop an interesting silhouette with shape, scale and contrast! No amount of accessories can save you from a generic silhouette.
  • Have a vision for the character and let this inform the shapes you choose (ie: a strong, menacing character using harsh, large square shapes)
  • Play up stereotypes/archetypes, especially if you’re just starting out. 
  • Draw the character a lot. Don’t just try one design and settle with it. Play with the shapes and scale contrast in a lot of different combinations
  • Use the ‘rule of three’, especially when you get to colours (typically don’t use more than 3 hues for a colour palette)
  • More often than not: less is more!

That’s all I can think of for now! Hopefully it helps. I’d also recommend checking this tutorial on stylizing animals cause it explains how my brain works when it comes to designing better than I can: http://fav.me/d4qva2f

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Hey Anthrocon attendees: I’ll be chillin’ in the Artist Alley on Friday the 4th doling out sketches and stickers and whatnot! 

Corgi Samurai that I did last minute for the AC art show ‘cause why not.

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Exveemon kickboxing for Pricimation’s Digimon Collab

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The Dragon Realms - Spyro the Dragon: This is a gorgeous Spyro-themed Dream on Furcadia filled with fun games and amazing animation!

Oh my goodness look at this lovely feature on my little hobby, The Dragon Realms!! <3 Thanks for the feature, Furc!!

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Final batch of Digified badges. These were REALLY a lot of fun, thanks everyone who commissioned one!
Gorehund’s Taro, Serris, Rooth and Ludo.

Batch 3 of the Digified badges!

Second batch of Digified badges!

Breezy, Tyrnn and Krowsy.

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First batch of Digified badges!
Still taking these, details can be found here if you’d like one! 

Anthrocon pickup only

Queue’d Out!

WHEW that was a brutal queue of old work. Thanks everyone for sticking through it!

Post frequency will now normalize to my actual off-hours art output. 

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Look I did one of greg’s self portrait challenges FOR ONCE 

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Guild crest commission for the World Keepers on Earthen Ring US

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Lorewalker Cho/Winnie the Pooh ‘cause same voice actor (AKA the boss Jim Cummings :) )

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Lorewalker Cho/Winnie the Pooh ‘cause same voice actor (AKA the boss Jim Cummings :) )